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My Story, Our Story, The Story--St. John's Cathedral, Jacksonville FL

+Porter Taylor and Arthur Taylor will present their workshop on Storytelling as Spreading the Good News. They will give a theology of evangelism as well as a rationale as to why story telling is a productive means for sharing the Good News. They will also teach basic skills of storytelling and offer a time for participants to tell part of their story to one another.


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to Aug 13

My Story, Our Story, The Story

Sponsored by The Anchorage at Montreat  Conference Center, Montreat, NC. 

For information call 864-232-5683 or email cathie@theanchorage.org

“We turn our pain into narrative so we can bear it. We turn our ecstasy into narrative so we can prolong it.  We tell our stories to live.”  John Shea

My Story, Our Story, The Story”

Fri. August 11 – Sun. August 13

arrive by 4 p.m. – leave by 11 a.m.

Human beings make meaning through stories. Jesus answers questions with stories because narrative or metaphor is the primary way to articulate our deepest faith. We will be encouraged to tell our own stories, so we will hear our own faith and be able to share it with others. Faithful storytelling is a genuine and effective invitation into the Christian life and community.

 To share our faith is to tell our story. During this retreat Porter and Arthur will teach us the skill of personal story telling and show why Jesus is at the center of our lives and why Church makes a difference. They teach us how to focus on the stories of our faith around such themes as wonder, surrender, resurrection and forgiveness. Telling our story invites others into the never ending story of God. Together Porter and Arthur assert that this way of spreading the good news is a skill that can be taught

Our rhythm will include silence from evening prayer through morning prayer. We will enjoy some non structured time to nap, read, walk, sit by the lake and just ‘be’ with God and each other.

Location:       Montreat Conference and Retreat Center, Black Mountain, NC (with a lovely lake)

Fee:               $395 (includes 5 meals and single room with communal bath)   Reg. ($10) by June 29th ---Commuter Rate $175.

Our space at Montreat is limited, so please register early!

Led by:  Porter Taylor and his son Arthur Taylor Porter is the retired bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina. He holds a Ph. D. in Theology and Literature from Emory University and has been presenting workshops for over twenty years.  In 2015, he devoted a sabbatical to studying story telling as a vehicle to spread the Good News.  In the fall of 2017 he will join the faculty of the Wake Forest University School of Divinity. 

Arthur is a psychologist working at the Georgia Regional Hospital in Atlanta.  He holds a Ph. D. in Psychology from New York University.  He teaches graduate level courses in forensic and spiritual issues in therapy.  A focus of his practice is contemplative psychology seeking to help people address the bigger questions that usually go hand in hand with periods of emotional and spiritual anguish. 


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August, 2017 “My Story, Our Story, The Story” Retreat                 Please send form with payment to:

        Non-refundable deposit enclosed ($10 each)  ___                                 The Anchorage

           More information call: (864) 232-LOVE (5683)                             P. O. Box 9091

               or email:  cathie@theanchorage.org                                        Greenville, SC 29604

Please know that all are welcome, regardless of ability to contribute financially.

Contributions above and beyond the suggested fee are also gratefully received.

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to Jun 11

Exploring the Power of Story--Mepkin Abbey

As human beings and as Christians, we are people of story. As John Shea says, “We turn our pain into narrative so we can bear it; we turn our ecstasy into narrative so we can prolong it. We tell our stories to live.” As humans we are hardwired to make meaning through narrative, and as Christians we are connected to the never ending story of redemption and salvation.
This retreat will outline basic themes of the Christian life such as calling, surrender, hope, struggle, resurrection, and prepare participants to tell corollary stories from their life. The objective is to witness how the story of faith is not merely recorded in the Bible but in our lives. When we share our story with fellow pilgrims on the Way, we discover our common story.

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9:30 AM09:30

Storytelling as Sharing the Good News

Location:  Christ Episcopal Church, Ponte Vedra Florida

April 1, 2017 9:30--3:00

This workshop will equip those attending to tell their story of faith and to hear others do as well.  Bishop Taylor will teach those attending the art of telling stories from the heart as well as how to have these deep conversations.  

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to Mar 31

Virginia Theological Seminary

Porter will be a visiting professor at The Virginia Theological Seminary in February and March of 2017. Courses will include "The Art of Preaching: Using Poetry and Fiction in Sermons” and “Going     to Hell and Getting to Heaven: What Dante Can Teach Us." The Dante Class is a community offering available to the public. It will be taught on Monday evenings from 6:00-9:00 pm beginning January 31.

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to Nov 19

“Storytelling as Evangelism: How to connect our story with the neverending story.”

Porter will speak on storytelling at the Evangelism Matters conference in Dallas, TX. 

Evangelism Matters is for those seeking a place to share, learn, and grow the Church's capacity and passion for evangelism. Rising at a critical moment in the life of The Episcopal Church and as a part of the Jesus Movement, this conference will engage participants through inspiring presentations, valuable workshops and resources, and shared experiences in a community setting. Hosted by the Diocese of Dallas and the Church of the Transfiguration, Dallas, TX.

Co-sponsored by Forward Movement and the Presiding Bishop's Office, this two-day conference will equip and empower evangelists for the journey ahead—communicating the Good News of Jesus in the Episcopal tradition.

This conference is limited to 400 participants. Visit http://www.evangelismmatters.org/ for more information. 

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